However that's great news in the mountains and the country's ski resorts are now reporting some of the best conditions all season with great snow cover everywhere.
Sierra Nevada continues to have the greatest snow depth in Europe with five metres on their upper slopes. This week this most southern resort in Europe will host the European Freestyle Championship gathering the best freestyle riders (ski and snowboard) in the disciplines of moguls and skicross.
The Pyrenees are still looking very nice with more than 2mof snow on the top of the slopes with Boi Taull having the most with three metres. Formigal has the most terrain open in the region with 240cm (eight feet) on upper slopes and 136km of trails open.
Andorra also received good snowfalls of up to a foot of new snow, although the snow arrived driven by strong winds which led to lit closures at the start of the week.
On the French side of the mountains up to 80cm (32 inches) of heavy snow fell on Monday on the mountains with 20 to 40cm (8-16 inches) in the valleys.
Formigueres received a fall of 60cm (two feet) yesterday while France's mot southerly village, Lamanère, reported, "We had a record accumulation with a metre of snow."