After receiving seven feet (210cm) of fresh snow in seven days, Squaw Valley USA in California is once again offering the longest and most complete ski season in Lake Tahoe with plans to stay open for skiing and riding through to at least May 9, 2010.
Squaw Valley's annual snowfall of 450 (11.25m) inches and mountain topography featuring acres upon acres of upper elevation North-facing terrain are among the natural attributes that enable the resort to remain open through the middle of May each ski season.
To date, Squaw Valley USA has received over 475 inches or over 39 1/2 (11.6m)feet of snow this season, already exceeding the resort's annual average of 450 inches.
"Squaw Valley's blues skies, radiant sunshine, and deep snowpack epitomize perfect spring skiing conditions. Along with fresh powder, springtime brings coveted ‘corn' snow, when the snow freezes at night and then softens gradually throughout the day as it is warmed by the sun. Akin to fresh powder, the corn snow surface is soft and forgiving and makes turning easy and very fun." Said a resort statement.
Base depths currently measure 170-180 inches on the upper elevations.