"Due to the sheer amount of snow that fell in the Highlands this year, the competition was always going to go down a storm, but as we hit the well known Skiing Doo bar and restaurant in the resort town of Aviemore to meet the guys form the Cairngorm Snowboard Club who had been pulling 18 hour days on the hill, the whispers of the sheer size of the park began to circle, this was going to be one hell of a day and none of us could wait to get up there!" said a spokesman.

Sign up started at 8.30 am at the bottom of the mountain and by 9am the roster was pretty full with over 50 riders signed up to compete as well as some big names from the UK scene including Jamie Nichols, Scott McMorris and Amie Fuller.

On the mountain the third kicker was huge and as the riders warmed up some were brave enough to hit it and the heights they reached were enormous.

The slopestyle course consisted of a gap to down rail or the option of an up rail at the top going into an a frame box or the tyre gap, the flat down bar rail into the main kicker with its three take offs including the 22 metre booter (the biggest ever built in the UK) going into the big spine and down rail.
Due to the sheer size of the kicker the slopestyle judging had to be split into two sessions, big air and then the rails as the jump was so big it wasn't possible for the riders to hit all the rails and still get enough speed.

Jamie Nichols won the men's event with his perfectly executed back 7 double grabs and in the afternoon mastering the rail course with his technical trickery followed by relaxed style and perfect execution. In the Womens event Amie Fuller wowed the crown with her big back flips and secured her win with ease.

Danny Mcurmick won the Youth Mens class and Faye Young the Youth Women while in the Junior division Jordan Gee was first for the boys and Katie Omerod won for the girls.