"Luckily Stryn was saved in the last minute, so they will open this summer as well. People are very eager to help out it seems, so the future of Stryn is a very popular subject of discussion on the site right now." said Skiinfo's Ketil Christensen
Norway operates three small summer ski centres, equal to France, Italy and Switzerland, with only Austria offering more.
Stryn operates a chairlift and a drag lift from late May to early August. The exact season end date depends on the amount of snow melting during the summer and weather conditions. Unlike in the Alps where the lifts open from early morning until lunchtime in the summer, Stryn's ski centre is open from 10am to 4pm daily as snow conditions are more like spring in the Alps rather than the hard overnight freeze/rapid thaw daily pattern on glacier ski areas in the Alps which make the snow very sticky by early afternoon.
The other two Norwegian summer ski areas are Folgefonn and Galhoppigen.