Once this weekend and the 2009-10 ski season is finished, Livigno is already looking ahead to summer activities in the mountains.

For all childdren a new park full of stories will open in the woods of Livigno from 28th June to the 27th of August. In the Magic Wood of the Daü they will be accompanied by the DAÜ who'll help them discover the enchanted history of the area. The park allows children to learn and have fun doing so, discovering nature in a simple and pleasant way.

Packages including a two night hotel stay on bed-and-breakfast for two adults and one child costs from 195 Euros. The price include a daily entry for the whole family in to the Magic Daü Woods.

Livigno also offer Easy Trekking from 26th June to 10th July. Participants will enjoy living with the Alpine Guides and the evocative colours, tastes and sounds of the mountain. The mountain is a big natural gym, offering endless opportunities to train. All of Livigno's paths start from the bottom of the valley and are suitable for those who want to take a hike, as also for those who have a good physical preparation and want to deal with some really challenging trekking. Packages start from 99 Euros which includes a stay of at least three nights in a hotel with bed and breakfast.

Another option is mountain biking with special packages available from 5th June to 16th October 2010. Thanks to the services offered by the Bike Hotels, from the instructors, to the different transport facilities, also with the Red Benina Train, lovers of cross country and of free ride biking, will not be bored.

News for 2010 a few new flow country trails which are lighter than cross country and easier than freeride hgave been created.

The offer, starting from 195 Euros, includes an excursion with instructor and a ticket for a transfer with the Red Bernina Train and a stay of a minimum of four nights in a hotel with half board treatment for stays of four nights. Arrivals should be on a Sunday with the fourth night free.