Over two hundred skiers and five hundred ski spectators headed up the mountain where the sledge park, snow cross terrain park and Ptarmigan Ski Tow is still providing winter fun in what is set to become one of the longest skiing seasons on record. Skiing is still possible right down to mid mountain level and Colin Matthew (Operations Manager) said:
"CairnGorm has had a real carnival atmosphere with the public out it shorts, shades , t shirts and even the occasional kilt. The sledge park and the fun park have both been really popular today. Snow conditions are soft and a bit like summer skiing on a European glacier with the temperature on the top slopes well into the lower 20's - the only difference is that we're short a few thousand feet on altitude here at CairnGorm".
This week has seen a dramatic drop in temperature however, back down to single figures once again and more Easterly/Northerly airflows. Colin Matthew continued:
" The beginning of the week sees a return to cooler temperatures which will help keep the snowpack in a reasonable condition, with careful management we hope that we can keep skiing going for at least the English Holiday weekend at the end of May".
Elsewhere in northern Europe there's still skiing at Riksgransen in the Swedish Arctic where it's currently the brief ski-under-the-midnight-sun period; also at the glacier areas of Folgefonn and Galdhoppigen in Norway and on the slopes of Ruka in Finland, maintained since last Autumn.