Most of this is due to heavy falls earlier this month with have eased now leaving great powder conditions on the slopes. The figures are less impressive further north hoever where Chapa Verde as well as the top resort of Portillo have much less snow than usual - only 30 - 80cm (1-2.6 feet), they'e expecting heavy falls imminently however and temperatures are low - down to -16C! Portillo is limiting ticket sales to hotel guests only at present to minimise use of what snow there is.
Conditions are relatively good in Argentina too, the continent's best lift-served resort of Catedral has 1.5m (five feet) of snow on higher slopes and another top resort, Las Lenas to the south, has 90cm (three feet) on upper runs. Chapelco also has 90cm (three feet) deep snow on upper runs and all three centres describe snow conditions as ‘powder.'