In Chile, Portillo has reported 9cm (four inches) in the past week, and the base remains between 40cm and a metre, still waiting for the first huge fall of the season. Chapa Verde has a 50cm (20 inch) base. Valle Nevado's large ski area remains almost entirely open, with a 70cm (2.3 feet) with no new snow in recent days. It has received 3.7m (over 12 feet) of snow so far this season.
It's a similar picture in Argentina where Las Lenas reports snow depths of 40-110cm (1.3 - 3.6 feet), but some of the continent's deepest snow at present is on the upper slopes of Catedral to the north, which has the biggest uplift capacity in South America and 1.4m (nearly five feet) snow depth on its upper runs.