In South America there's been fresh snow with Chapelco's base depth on upper slopes hitting 225cm (7.5 feet). Conditions are fairly amazing at Cathedral too, with base depth's at the continent's biggest ski resort up to an incredible 3.3m (11 feet) on upper slopes, 80cm (nearly three feet) at the base. Although it's as cold as -10C at Las Lenas the snow is not so great 60cm (two feet) at the top but only 20cm (eight inches) at the base.
It's snowing in parts of Chile too, Valle Nevado, another of the continent's big areas, has had 9cm (four inches) in the past 24 hours, taking its season-long snowfall to 381cm - nearly 13 feet. At Portillo it's still not a memorable season, but they've had 5cm (two inches) of new snow today, a small boost to the 80cm (32 inch) upper slope base depths, but the powder skiing for which the resort is most famous remains sadly limited.