Established in 2004, Snowboard Club UK (SCUK) is the country's leading discount membership club and Europe's most visited website for all things snowboard. It is run by snowboarders, each and every one, and has a vast network of partners, many of whom offer discounts to their members.
The Club's aim is to encourage and enable more people to snowboard more often, especially on the UK's own slopes, whether they are indoor snow, dry slopes or mountains.
SCUK has now joined forces with the UK's national snowsports bodies - Snowsport England, Snowsport Scotland and Snowsport Wales. This means that every Snowboard Club UK Member is now also automatically a member of their national snowsport body.
Snowboard Club UK are also stumping up the necessary premiums so, that with immediate affect, every Snowboard Club UK Member now benefits from free 3rd party liability whilst snowboarding in the UK.
This provides cover up to £5million against injury to another person or damage to property. When abroad, most winter sports insurance policies (such as Snowboard Club UK's own travel policy through TGIC) already include 3rd party liability insurance, but it's an added safeguard for Snowboard Club UK members, especially when riding without additional insurance in the UK.