Snow is in the forecast for the South, a cool day in the Northeast, wind at work in the Midwest and another dry one for the Western region. RC 



It's not often that we get to add the southern region into the forecast, but inauguration day dawns with a fast moving storm system that could drop up to 6 inches of snow on North Carolina, the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and portions of the Appalachians. Bundle up as a chilly day is in store, with highs only into the mid 20's.  



The region that's most in need of winter action continues to get none, as dry weather dominates most of the landscape. While there's relief in the forecast for ailing skiers and riders, it doesn't look like it will be here until next week. Highs today from the mid 20's in the Northern Rockies to the mid 70's in the Southwest.



With the heavyweight fight that the Midwest region has been in the last few weeks, any type of break is good. Outside of some minor action in the UP, the region stays mostly dry today. Winds are up for the region, so highs for most will be in the mid teens to the mid 20's.  



DC gets a break on this big day, as the storm action stays to the south (see above) and to the North, as upstate New York and New England see the potential for snow action. Costal winds keep things cool, as highs range from the single digits to the mid 30's.