Skiers of all levels have a new tool to improve their skills with four apps ranging from Beginner to Advanced now available to download from the App Store for £3.99 each.
Using video filmed in the Hautes-Alpes and presented by professional ski instructor Darren Turner, the apps guide the user through the natural skiing progression. Video lessons are accompanied by intuitive cue cards to help reinforce the topics and enhance the learning experience.
The apps have been designed to complement on-slope tuition with a qualified instructor; to clarify the basics, give the user a head start and make sure their skiing is heading in the right direction.
"Ski School removes all the jargon and explains the sport of skiing in simple easy to understand language. Best of all its portable and can be used anywhere - in the chalet before a day out, as a handy reminder on the lift between runs, or even on the bus, train or plane before heading out to the mountains." said Producer Andrew Gowans
"We've brought broadcast production values to the ski-tuition market, our aim is not just to inform, but to inspire." said James Vernon, Director of Photography.
The three applications - Ski School Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced are available to download for the price of £3.99. The 4th application, Ski School Lite, containing a selection of content from the series can be downloaded free from the app store.