This weekend is the official kickoff for the season - Snow, Test and Party - meaning skiing day and night, partying and even more open lifts and slopes.
A few slopes have, thanks to the best snow conditions since 1992, already been open for almost a month, and the skiing has been great.
This weekend, it is the resort's annual event Snow, Test and Party with the opportunity for our guests to try out the latest news in snowboards, skis and other gear. There will also be fashion shows, parties in all the bars, movies and the F'ck it Rail Tour Final. There are more snowboard and ski brands than ever for resort guests to try out.
In addition to that the resort will open even more of the lifts and slopes in Rödkullen, for example the award winning Bräcke Snow Park, practically all major slopes in central Åre and a few children's lifts in Björnen and even more skiing in Duved.
" With all this in mind, we can look forward to one of our best kickoff weekends ever. The snow conditions are actually so good that we expect to open the Gondola lift pretty soon, which means high terrain skiing for Christmas," says Anna Wersén, sales and marketing manager, Skistar Åre.