Skiers and snowboarders needing crutches after an on-slope accident, visitors in town who need a wheelchair for a few days, or locals who simply can't afford the cost of the equipment can borrow what they need when they're in [R482R, Vail].

The Vail Valley Salvation Army has a Durable Medical Equipment lending program. In conjunction with the Vail Valley Medical Center's Volunteer Corps (located in the Shaw Cancer Center), a room full of used medical equipment will benefit Vail's injured.

Doctor's offices, occupational therapists, senior centers, and the hospital all use the program for patients, said Salvation Army volunteer Mary Jo Froberg in the Vail Daily News.

"Hundreds of people have been helped," said Froberg. "Individuals donate the equipment, and anybody can use it. We just ask that when people return equipment, they return in good shape and clean."

The Vail Valley Home Health program also uses their resources with patients transitioning between a hospital stay, physical therapy and recovery, as well as patients who need care from home.

The program specializes in resusable equipment like a walker, shower bar, or toilet-seat riser but not bandages or syringes.

Pharmacies have liability issues so they're not allowed to rent medical equipment, and wheelchairs can run up to $300, crutches from $30 to $40, and walkers from $50 to $80. This is about the only way besides eBay and Craigslist to find a low-cost alternative.

Call 970-926-3704 if you're in need or would like to donate.