Stratton Apres at Grizzly's

Apres party on the Grizzly's deck at Stratton Mountain. Photo By Hubert Schriebl.

Most college students today probably aren't familiar with the chorus from The Police's 1979 hit "Message in a Bottle", but here's an S.O.S. they're sure to receive. [R430R, Stratton], [R304R, Okemo] and [R287R, Sunapee]—three mountains, one pass, all season without black outs.

The celebrated college pass is back again, unlocking a trifecta of awesome skiing and riding for full time college students. Get access to a combined 5,713 vertical feet, over 1,400 skiable acres, 278 trails, 41 lifts and over 15 terrain parks.

The SOS College Pass is just $299 until December 19. Plus, passes bought before October 10 are only $279—that saves an extra $20—enough for a large pie, with the works from Grizzly's.

Eligibility requirements are as follows: students must present a valid picture identification and an original signed letter from the Registrar (embossed with the school seal) stating full-time status before a SOS College Pass will be issued.

More information and a list of upcoming SOS (Stratton, Okemo, Sunapee) College Pass Movie Premiere Tour Dates, featuring Standard Film's "TB20", can be found here.