Mt Baker, in Washington State, USA, which has held the record for the world's snowiest resort over many years, is in the top snow depth spot with a 706cm (23.5 feet) base. On average it receives 750 inches (19.1 metres) of snow each winter - officially more than any other ski area on the planet.
However staff at's Norway head office have spotted that one of the country's summer ski destinations, not yet open for skiing and boarding, is actually sitting on a deeper base of up to 10 metres ! (34.6 feet!)
Folgefonn won't open its slopes to skiers and boarders until May 14th, nearly two months away, but staff are already hard at work preparing the slopes. They have to as some of the lift buildings are completed buried by snow and need to be dug out, as well as needing a lot of slope preparation.
The ski season at Folfefonn lasts until late august each year, so it's certainly looking good for 2011!