The last time the resort had two seasons in succession with numbers more than 115,000 was in the seasons 1994-95 (211,000) and 1995-96 (187,000) although they did come close in seasons 1999-2000 (98,600) and 2000-2001 (111,000). If they get another 30,000 skiers in April and May they will exceed last year's remarkable total of 145,000.
It is still possible to ski from top to bottom and the Ciste Fairway, Ptarmigan Bowl, White Lady and Coire Cas still have full width to offer skiers going into April and the Easter holidays when the ski school still has lesson availability and when a number of competitive events are due to take place on the hill.
Commenting on the numbers so far, CairnGorm Mountain marketing executive Colin Kirkwood said:
"Following the heavy snowfalls we had in November, we started skiing earlier this season. We had over 2,000 skiers in November after starting on 13 November, then over 13,000 skiers in December compared with 8,000 the previous December. We have had an almost identical number of days lost to bad weather this year as last, but this season the majority of those days lost were in February and March when we might have expected to have had large numbers of skiers (including some days over the February half term - traditionally our busiest time). Last year by contrast the majority of stormed off days were in December and January. All that said, this has still been an exceptional season so far and there is still plenty of good skiing to be had here as we go into the Easter holiday period - a message we are keen to convey to potential skiing customers. There is plenty of snow on the upper slopes and the groomers have been working hard to keep the lower slopes complete. The terrain park is in great shape with beginner, intermediate and expert rails, kickers, and a massive hip. The sledge park is also open for non-skiers and families to enjoy."
The M2 piste is closed as it has become broken in places but all other pistes continue to provide nice snowsports. The machines have pisted most runs including the White Lady. Most of the main runs still have full cover, the West Wall and Ciste Gully no 1 are open and 2.5 miles of top to bottom skiing is still available. Colder air is expected to bring snowmelt to a halt by the weekend.