Daily activities include Pond Skimming, the Big Ollie, the Frozen T-Shirt Contest, and more. The Neff Beach Jib Jam and the 3rd Annual Miss Mountain High Bikini Pageant also add to the fun on Saturday, April 2nd. There will be live music, DJs, vendors, giveaways, and tons of spring break fun. All events with the exception of the Neff Beach Jib Jam are free with paid admission.

Big Ollie
At the Big Ollie - Snowboarders must "ollie" as high as they can in this heart pumping competition. The bar goes up after each round until only one rider remains.

Tug O War
The Tug O War offers a new spin on an old favourite. This Tug of War takes place in the snow and the loosing team might end up in the pond.

Frozen T Shirts
In the daily Frozen T-Shirt Contest - 10 t-shirts have been frozen in the icy tundra of Mountain High's North Resort and the competitors must break them apart and put them on. First one to successfully put on their frozen shirt wins a goody bag filled with Mountain High swag.

Pond Skimming
Pond Skimming is the quintessential event at any ski resort spring break. Skiers and snowboarders must cross a 50 foot pond filled with freezing cold water or suffer the consequences.

Beach Jib
On Saturday, April 2, the NEFF Beach Jib is a rail jam in Mountain High's famed Playground Jib Park with five different features including a water hole. Riders have 15 minutes to session each feature and score their best trick.
"Yes, you will probably get wet!" the organisers warn.

Miss Mountain High Pageant
The Miss Mountain High Pageant is free to enter and all participants receive a free bikini from Fresh Peaches. Winner takes home a 2011/12 Season Pass, an Ellis snowboard, two tickets to the "Big 4" concert, and is named next year's Miss Mountain High. All contestants must be 18 years of age or older. Immediately following the event is a meet and great with the new Miss Mountain High plus live music from Stone Stanley on the main stage.