All three areas have built up huge bases - generally more than five metres (17 feet) and they're still receiving fresh snow too, with Folgefonn getting a Skiinfo Powder alarm for a 20cm (eight inch) accumulation of new snow in 24 hours a few days ago.
Stryn was famously regarded as the best pre-season training centre in the world by the great Italian racer Alberto Tomba. In common with the other three areas it organises annual ski and boarding camps and has terrain park features.
Folgefonn boasts Norway's longest glacier lift, at 1.2km. A bus operates to the slopes from the local town of Jondal which offers a wide range of facilities and accommodation, along with 50km of beaches for swimming, fishing and boating.
The third centre is on the glacier at Galdhøpiggen, Scandinavia's highest mountain at 2469 metres (8,098 feet), is open for skiing and 'boarding in the summer only from May to Novemberr, and attracts several international teams. The T bar lifts reach 2,250m on the Juvbreen Glacier, from a base of 1900 metres, opening up 1.5km (just under a mile) of trails over a 350m vertical.
The mountain is at the gateway to the beautiful Jotunheimen region, the nearest sizable settlement is at Bøverdalen.
Norway currently has more ski areas open than Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland, only Austria and the USA have more ski areas open.
Ski runs also remain open at Ruka in Finland and Riksgransen in northern Sweden.