The eruption which began on Saturday has opened a 5km long fissure in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic complex on the Chilean-Argentine border that began erupting Saturday. A 10km high cloud of ash has blown hundreds of miles across the continent to the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires province and over the Atlantic, resulting in a widespread grounding of flights.
After the eruptions in Iceland, New Zealand and Japan severely disrupted ski resorts (or travel to them) in Europe, Asia and Oceania over the past few seasons, it's South America's turn, again, as a new volcanic eruption is reported to have coated ski slopes in Argentina with grey ash less than a fortnight before the continent's 2011 ski season is due to begin.
Media reports say Bariloche locals have been advised to stay indoors and that flights to the area have been cancelled, skiers and boarders are advised not to attempt to travel to the area at present although it is "too early to say" if the whole season will be lost.
Earthquakes and eruptions are relatively common at South American ski areas and only last southern hemisphere winter the season was disrupted at some resorts by the Chilean earthquake. Ski lift operators often built extras cushioning in to their lift towers in order to absorb the affects of earthquakes more safely.