[R314R, Park City Mountain Resort] picked up a nod from numerous green advocate groups for its environmental initiatives in 2008.

Most recently, the Resort received an Energy Star Business Certification for its Team Building as well as an "A" ranking from the Ski Area Citizens Coalition (SACC), and the Clif Bar Silver Eagle Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Clean Energy.

"Park City Mountain Resort is overjoyed to be recognized with such prestigious awards for our work towards environmental sustainability," said Brent Giles, director of environmental affairs for Park City Mountain Resort. "Everyone from our team members to our guests has contributed to the success of the resort's environmental stewardship."

Park City Mountain Resort's Team Building, located at 1310 Lowell Avenue, was awarded the Energy Star for Business Certification. Energy Star is the mark of superior energy performance and identifies a building as one the most efficient in the nation. Park City Mountain Resort's Team Building is the only building in Park City that is currently listed under this prestigious designation.

The "A" ranking from the Ski Area Citizens Coalition (SACC) means that based on their environmental policies and practices, PCMR has a genuine positive environmental stewardship record.

Park City Mountain Resort received one of the nation's top environmental awards, the Silver Eagle Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Clean Energy. After Park City Mountain Resort completed the first-ever comprehensive scientific study of global warming's effect on a resort, it began an on-going effort to reduce its electricity use, which accounts for 86 percent of its carbon footprint. Through initiatives that include the purchase of more energy-efficient snowmaking equipment, lighting retrofits, and bio-diesel use in its snowcat fleet, the resort reduced its energy consumption by 23 percent.

Following the win of the Silver Eagle Award, Park City Mountain Resort in conjunction with Powdr Corp, furthered its commitment to being a conservation leader with the purchase of renewable energy credits to offset power consumption by 100 percent. The Resort's purchase of 13.9 million kWh of renewable energy credits (RECs) avoids nearly 19 million pounds of CO2 emissions annually, which is equal to removing 1,853 passenger vehicles from the road or powering 1,100 average American homes for a year.

As a result, Powdr Corp was one of only nine organizations nationwide to receive a Leadership Award in the Green Power Purchasing category by the U.S. EPA. This award recognizes EPA Green Power Partners who distinguish themselves through purchases of green power from a utility green-pricing program, a competitive green marketer, or a renewable energy credit (REC) supplier.

"The annual energy consumption of a ski resort is substantial, and we have a responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint to help preserve their pristine settings for generations to come," said Giles. "All of Park City Mountain Resort's electricity is now coming from 100 percent renewable sources."

Learn more about all of Park City Mountain Resort's environmental initiatives online.