During testing of the wax fabricant Holmenkol, Schrottshammer reached the speed of 104.44 km / h (just over 65 mph) on the 520m long slope at SnowWorld Landraaf in the Netherlands, breaking the old record of 103.05 km / h set by Scot Reed Miller five years ago in 2006.
But the time set by Schrottshammer, who was ranked fourth at the last World Cup, remains unofficial. The official Dutch indoor record still stands in the name of Merry Vunderink with 101.68 km / h.
However Holland's fastest skier (243.9 km / h) responded very enthusiastically to Schrottshammer's achievement,
"It's very cool to see that in the summer on an indoor course you can still break records. I think it will be faster in the future. It's too bad I have an injury and could not be there."
The management of Snow World is now considering organizing an official indoor speed skiing competition next winter.
This would be staged alongside the World Cup Snowboarding in October, with Olympic champion Nicolien Sauerbreij, the second ski discipline, which has an indoor World Cup.
SnowWorld Landgraaf has a 520m long main slope which is officially approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS) for competition.