The new "Ried" cable car will travel 4.3 km and ascend 805 vertical metres carrying 3,200 passengers per hour within its 10-seater gondolas with heated leather seats.
The new "Ried" slope will sdescend more than 1,300 vertical metres down from 2,275m to 935m.
Skiers can conveniently use the train for their daily transfer to the slopes and thus avoid having to rely on the ski bus or their own car.
There's also a direct connection between Kronplatz and the Sextner Dolomiten ski resort with trains running every 30 minutes.
In addition with works on the "Miara" cable car systems soon to be completed, passengers will alsio be able to enjoy more comfort in the new, state of the art 8-seater gondolas (instead of the former 12-seater version).
Thanks to an increase in travelling speed from 5 m/s to 6 m/s, the overall transport capacity remains unchanged but gains extra comfort.
Finally there will be changes to the Col Toron cable car. By reducing the number of seats available in each gondola from 11 to 9 and at the same time increasing the travelling speed, comfort levels are improved significantly and the cable car's overall transport capacity is raised to 2600 passengers per hour.
There's also a new cross-country skiing slope on the top of Mount Kronplatz to offer more for those who don't want to ski downhill.