But a spectacular gold discovery has just been made in Crans-Montana, the famous Swiss ski resort. A nugget weighing 128.5 grams (or 4.5 ounces) was discovered on a mountain hike along the River Tièche. This could be the biggest gold nugget ever found in the Alps. A German holidaymaker who expressly stated that he wished to remain anonymous informed Crans-Montana Tourism of the find.

The size and weight of the nugget discovered surprised representatives from the tourism region of Crans-Montana. According to the German holidaymaker the find has a diameter of about 7 centimetres (2,76 inches), is up to 3.5 cm (1,3 inches) thick and weighs 128.5 grams (4,5 ounces).

Crans-Montana was not previously known for having extensive gold deposits, and the finder does not describe himself as a typical gold prospector: he says that he made his discovery ‘quite by chance' during a hike along the banks of the River Tièche. He mentioned the fact that the nugget is currently in the hands of proven experts, although he had already received confirmation that it is real. The finder has stated his intention to donate the find to a museum or an experienced collector.

"He added that additional analyses would be conducted beforehand and the composition and the origin (if applicable) would be clarified. Photos have been sent to Crans-Montana Tourism, and our staff was delighted to receive the message about the gold discovery. Nevertheless, the exact location where the nugget was found will not be revealed for environmental and safety reasons. This should protect Crans-Montana and surrounding areas against excessive crowds of gold-seekers." said Xavier Bianco, Director of Sales, Marketing and Communication at the resort.