Teams of five firefighters dressed in full turn-out gear will race down a slalom course at [R184R, Hunter Mountain] while carrying a 50-foot fire hose Feb. 10. At least three must finish standing.

This race is open to any New York City firefighter. The winners of Tuesday's race have the chance to race against firefighters from outside New York City in the East Coast Firefighters Race on Wednesday for the East Coast Championship.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to the N.Y. Firefighters Burn Center Foundation.

Fee: $57 in advance, $67 on race day, $29 for season pass holders. Non-racer lift ticket is $47, and includes ticket, buffet, and charitable donation.

Online registration for the New York Firefighters Race and registration for the East Coast Firefighters Race is available.

Race rules: Teams consist of five members. At least three members, completing all gates, must finish race to qualify. Five-second penalty for each member who does not finish (members who fall may catch up with the team providing they ski all gates and are holding hose at finish line). Helmets and turnout coats are mandatory for each member. Five-second penalty for missing item (no penalty for dropped helmet after race starts).

Hunter has 55 trails on 240 acres, a vertical drop of 1,600 feet, and 11 lifts including three quads, two triples, five doubles, and a handle tow.