The region’s 15 ski centres offer a variety of scenery and all sorts of activities and have a reputation for being sunny, snow-covered, sporty and family-friendly as well as entertaining and traditional, they have something to please everybody.




Resorts in the Alpes-Maritimes have opted to sell ski lift passes on-line, saving holiday makers a great deal of time. They are also promoting hands-free ski passes.]


The “Carte cimes du Mercantour” is available at the resort ski-lift cash desks, at the automatic ticket dispensers or on line for Auron and Isola 2000 and Carte Pass VIP at Valberg .


The Mercantour resorts (Auron and Isola 2000) also have on-line flash sales (50% reduction) every Tuesday.




You’ll pay just €1 for a single bus journey between Nice and the three international ski resorts (Isola 2000 - Auron and Valberg). Leaving from Nice station and Nice airport, the shuttle serves the valley villages.


There are also dedicated daily snow buses providing efficient, economical, public transport; “100% neige” shuttles leaving from Nice. These shuttles serve five resorts - Auron, Isola, la Colmiane, Valberg and Roubion - on a daily basis and are adapted to suit skiers’ schedules.  They offer a viable alternative to the car for getting to the resorts. To know more about these shuttles


TURN 40 IN ISOLA 2000 !


International resort with the best snow coverage in France in recent years, Isola 2000 has 120 km of ski runs between 1800 and 2610 m above sea level. Its ski area is 80% covered by artificial snow.


Isola celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2012. If you do to you can come and celebrate your birthday in Isola 2000 and receive a free ski pass and your birtyhday gift from the resort on your special day !



Even if you are not a skier  the region’s ski resorts offer alternative new experiences to try? For example cross-country skiing, ski trekking, snowshoeing, mushing, ski joëring… in the Alpes-Maritimes: among the countless ways to discover the mountains. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and enjoy the snow! .


Famille Plus Montagne” is the French national label relating to the reception of families with children and the services offered them  in French tourist districts.  At Valberg, child-care provision is made for children from 3 months old !


You can also discover with your kids the Valberg Planetary Trail (depending on the snow coverage) exceptional and unique in Europe. From the heart of the village, walkers set off on the path of the planets and discover the solar system reproduced on a scale of 1/1,000,000 in the Valberg ski area and open all year. A multi-media GPS guide is available on request and the app. can be downloaded free on Appstore. To know more