That said some resorts in Colorado did receive up to 90cm (three feet) of new snow since last Wednesday with Telluride, clocking up two feet (60cm), half of it yesterday (Tuesday 7 February). Other big name resorts had rather less - Snowmass 26cm and Breckenridge 16cm. There were similar moderate falls at Utah resorts.

The biggest accumulations were again in the north west of the country in Alaska (201cm for Alyeska - nearly seven more feet) and down in the south in New Mexico (52cm at Taos). Mt Baker in Washington State is up at its usual ‘most snow accumulated in the world' mark with 4.8m (16 feet) lying.

Not much new on the East Coast though - just 3cm (an inch) for Killington where just over half the terrain is open with deepest snow depth 90cm (three feet).

The snowy deluge that has been falling on Western Canada since mid-November appears to have finally taken a break this past week and for the first time this winter resorts in the East of the country have reported more snow in the past seven days then resorts on the west. That's not a problem for the western resorts of course as they're sitting on huge bases.

Mont Sainte Anne and Mont Sutton in the Quebec have some of the biggest falls with 15cm (six inches) in the past week.