Sölden's entry is the annual Maxx Mountain Glacier Festival which runs from Sunday 29th to Tuesday 1st May.
A ‘varied entertainment and show program including a great variety of top-notch events and fun-filled highlights for all ages and preferences,' is promised up on the glacier with ‘locations and stages changing several times a day'
The event also includes 2012-13 season ski and snowboard equipment tests, snowmobile and snow grooming machine rides, plus shows and party programs.

In the few days this week before Maxx Mountain the resort will also stage a three-day summit meeting for wine and gourmet food fans, taking place from 26 - 29 April. Toque-awarded culinary delights and fine wines at the highest culinary level are scheduled with a couple of selected vintners presenting their best wines and giving an insight into the wonderful tradition of wine-growing.

Sölden used to keep one or other of its glaciers open to offer 365 day snowsports but now closes for periods in the spring and summer. It's season is due to come to an end on 6th May.  Snow depth there is currently just below 3m (10 feet).