The ‘Tribu’ pass will allow three friends buying a six day lift pass for the full 3 Valleys or one of its sectors a discount when they buy their passes together.

Previously discounted rates have generally only been available for larger groups or family groups who can prove their relationship and include children, but a spokesperson for one of the area’s tourist offices says that for Tribu they can, “just be friends”

The new ticket has been launched as the 3 Valleys has announced a price rise for a six day adult pass from just over 244 Euros last winter to 260 Euros next winter – a jump of more than 6% making the pass one of Europe’s most expensive.

However those who can buy a Tribu ticket will see their cost the cost go back down by just over 6% to 245 Euros as it costs 735 Euros for three people, and more friends can join the group purchase for 245 Euros each.  Lower prices are available on both regular and Tribu passes in the period up to Christmas. 

The Tribu ticket also means that groups of three or more skiers skiing in one sector can pay almost 60 Euros a week less now that the headline 3 Valleys pass price.

For example a Tribu ticket for the Les Menuires/St Martin is 564 Euros for three people, or 188 Euros each for three or more – 57 Euros less than a single 3 Valleys adult pass price and one of the lower prices in Europe for a week’s skiing in a top resort!