Skiers planning to hop a plane to the mountains this winter can expect to pay the airlines upwards of $25-125 each way to check a pair of boots and skis or snowboard in addition to their luggage. Plus, there's no guarantee your stuff won't be lost, delayed, or wrecked before it gets to you.

At a cost that is often less than the typical cost of airline baggage fees, Luggage Forward will handle the seamless transportation of ski and snowboard equipment from doorstep to destination, leaving skiers extra time, energy and money for the slopes.

Customers can get discounted rates for Express (overnight), Priority (two-day), Standard (three-day), Basic (five-day), and International (days vary by destination country) services and can even take advantage of extra savings with Luggage Forward's Economy service for the return leg of their journey. For example, customers who ship their skis from Los Angeles to Aspen will pay $78 for Basic service and $60 for Economy service-representing a $65 savings over airlines, which typically charge $100 each way for checking a third bag.

The Luggage Forward price includes all taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges, plus $500 of insurance coverage, with $10,000 of coverage per bag available. Travelers can rest assured that their valuable ski and snowboard equipment is in good hands with an unmatched full money back plus $500 on-time guarantee for each bag that is forwarded.

"We are always looking for new ways to make travel more convenient and predictable," said Zeke Adkins, co-founder of Luggage Forward. "Through our ski program, travelers can happily avoid carrying heavy bags-and hefty fees-knowing that their baggage will be waiting at their final destination when they arrive."

Travelers can book online or by phone (866-416-7447), select a convenient pickup time, and leave the rest to Luggage Forward. An agent will pick up the bags and send them on their way, no special packaging required. The company routinely goes the extra mile, even alerting travelers by cell phone or PDA as soon as luggage arrives at its final destination.