[R133R, Discovery Ski Area], located in Philipsburg, Mont., revamped their Web site this year, upgrading the information for its visitors and making the snow report a more useful tool for skiers and riders. The site now includes lots of  "insider info," especially helpful for those who may be first-time visitors to Discovery's slopes.

The daily trail report not only gives the status and condition for all of its chairs and runs, but now it also includes comments that can alert you to what's good to ski and where you need to watch out. You can find out what black diamond runs are well-packed versus powder and which ones might be scoured by wind that might require you to keep an eye out for rocks.

The resort also added a Favorite Stashes page for newcomers. You can find what runs to ski first in the day for warming up, what to ski on sunny days for views, and where to find the powder runs-all recommendations from locals and those who work at the resort.

The Favorite Stash list also gives solutions for wind-blown days. It points out runs such as The Pitch, Ajax, and Maverick where tree cover offers protection from the wind and collects the snow.

Gather up that "insider info" for your next trip to Discovery.