[R48R, Big Sky Resort] plans to host its infamous dummy jump once again. The event garners spectators up and down the Ambush headwall course who are there for one reason-to see carnage.

The Dummy Jump is a crowd pleaser, with "whoahs," "oohs," and "aahs" punctuating each dummy's launch into the air followed by cheers at the splat. "We have guests who book their vacation around this date because they can't get enough," Big Sky's Dax Schieffer told OnTheSnow.com. "Last year, a Florida family even flew out all the building materials, so they could participate with their very own dummy submission."

The event, scheduled for Feb. 7, is open to anyone; however, the actual skiers must be dummies, not live humans. The creativity judging of the dummies happens at noon near the Summit clock tower. The dummies ascend via snowcat to the starting gate at 1 p.m. and launch for their only run at 3 p.m.

Teams must build their dummy competitor according to the rules. All dummies are expected to resemble an organic life form, but not necessarily humans. They should have a theme and be clothed for family audiences. The dummies must also be manageable by no more than two people and may not use explosives to enhance the splatter.

Gravity sails the dummies down a long, straight ramp to a large kicker that flings the dummy skyward. Then, they splat on a completely flat landing. Dummies are judged on best jump, best form, most sturdy, best amplitude, and the best explosion upon impact.

Taste the fun via video if you can't attend the event.