[R160R, Great Divide], Mont., designed three different terrain parks to target different levels of riders and freestylers. The parks, located in different areas of the ski hill, give a progression to build skills.

The Rascal Park for beginners is the easiest to find. It sits right in front of the lodge on Broadway. Its features include small jumps and low-to-the-ground rails for learning basic jibbing techniques and is similar to other learning parks found elsewhere.

Wild Wood is one of the most natural parks in the state due to its location in a forest and features made from wood-makes its mark with creativity. The intermediate park is designed to feel like a city park, built with features such as a wooden bridge, wall rides, stairs, and a picnic table. Rails and boxes are made out of real logs stacked on top of each other. Even the picnic table is carved from split logs with a smooth top for buttering around.

The Rodeo Park is designed for airtime. The advanced park contains large boxes, rails, a truck, jumps, and a monster colorful wall ride.

Great Divide's beginner park is open any time the area is open, but Wild Wood and Rodeo are only open on Friday nights, weekends, and holidays. The ski hill plans hosts the Montana State Snowboard and Free-Ski Championships Mar. 21-22.