It's a very happy holiday in the Rockies and the Far West, at least once you get where you are going. That's the weekend picture as the busy week has left behind veritable tons of powder and more is a certainty.

"The party rolls on in the Rockies, Cascades, Montana, New Mexico, and Arizona as some part of this vast region have received more than four feet of new snow," says's RC Williams. "Another system made its move on the Pacific Northwest Friday afternoon. It will be cold out there wherever you are."

The dreaded "R Word" is on everyone's lips from the Midwest through New England. Freezing rain made travel treacherous in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin heading into the weekend.

Two samples: [R73R, Boyne Mountain], in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is expecting rain Saturday, but turning back to snow for Sunday. The area has seen good snowfall the past few days. Meanwhile, [R430R, Stratton Mountain] and Southern Vermont will find a rainy weekend, with the new forecast for new snow not until Tuesday.

But, back to the good news. [R265R, Mt. Bachelor] in Oregon is benefiting from more than three feet of fresh snow and is set up well for the rest of the holiday. A bit of rain is expected Sunday, but that won't dampen spirits.

[R77R, Breckenridge] in the Rocky Mountains will get another half foot of fresh snow Saturday and should have good ski and snowboard weather through midweek. [R314R, Park City], Utah and the Wasatch resorts will receive about the same amount of snowfall, but some snow is in the forecast daily through midweek.

The weather report looks ideal for the holiday week around Lake Tahoe, Calif. [R169R, Heavenly] picked up 36 inches from Santa. Monday's forecast calls for a chance for snow; otherwise, just some clouds.

The season is rocking along, so enjoy your holidays on snow. But you need to get there, so drive carefully.