A deal between the White Mountain National Forest and the State of New Hampshire would trade 100 acres near the top of Mittersill, now owned by the federal government, for 235 acres of state forest in Piermont, N.H.

Mittersill would become part of [R100R, Cannon Mountain], owned and operated by New Hampshire. Both areas sit at the northern end of the mountain ridge that forms the western side of Franconia Notch.

New Hampshire also owns [R287R, Mount Sunapee], which is operated under a lease by the owners of [R304R, Okemo Mountain] in Vermont. New Hampshire has used revenue from the lease to improve facilities at Cannon, and would use some to revive Mittersill.

Mittersill was developed after World War II, and operated at least into 1979, and perhaps into the 1980s according to the New England Lost Ski Areas Web site.

Like Cannon, it has rock solid ties to the development of skiing in this country. Paul Valar, a Swiss ski champion, and his wife, Paula Kann Valar, an Austrian ski champion, ran its ski school and played major roles in the operation of the resort. The Valars also were large figures in the U.S. ski scene, very important in developing a unified national system of instruction, and in New Hampshire, where Paul was the founding president of the New England Ski Museum.

After Mittersill closed, skiers continued to ride up Cannon's lifts, and ski and hike over to the ever-brushier trail system just over a ridge, and enjoy a rugged brand of ungroomed New England skiing.

The trade is well under way, and could occur early in January.