Valle Nevado has made important innovations in service, technical equipment, and lift access this season with an investment of nearly US$3 million. It looks like it was a good year to do so as the resort has one of the biggest snow bases so far this year in South America. The resort has installed two lift carpets at the entrances to the Prado and Mirador lifts, as they constantly strive to improve service and learning for adults and children. A great new way to enjoy all the snow in Valle Nevado is their guided tours program. Experienced instructors will show you the most beautiful places in this part of the Andes at no additional cost. Valle Nevado will celebrate Family Week (July 11-17), Wine Week (July 25-31), Fine Dining Week (Aug. 29-Sept. 4), and the Independence Day Holidays (Sept. 12-18). Everyone at the resort can participate in entertaining activities and events prepared in conjunction with special sponsors. The highlight of this season will be the 20th anniversary celebration July 18-24. Valle Nevado currently has availability for two-night minimum stays July 11-23 at Puerta Del Sol and Tres Puntas Hotels. Add a bit of adrenaline and powder to your Valle Nevado trip by heli skiing the steepest terrain in South America.