[R1343R, Canada Olympic Park] (COP) in Calgary earned a reputation for launching the careers of many pro riders. No wonder COP's two terrain parks have become world-class. They are designed by riders who know what works.

The Burton Progression Park pulls smaller features together for those developing terrain park skills. The park's main feature - a halfpipe - is 200 feet long, 40 feet wide, and walls stretching up 12 feet. It's less than half the length of a superpipe with about two-thirds the width and wall height.

The COP also extended the Progression Park further uphill this year, creating a jump and jib zone. The area above the pipe now features intermediate jumps, rails, and boxes.

The Source Terrain Park features larger, more challenging terrain. A full superpipe, an exact replica of the 2010 Olympic Park for Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, runs 450 feet in length with a 60-foot width and walls climbing 22 feet high.

Other features include over 30 jibs. Those that don't seem popular are removed and replaced with something new every two weeks. The design has taken the line of flow into consideration, creating features that lead smoothly from one to the other. Some of the more popular features include a hipped wallride, a pyramid rail, and several rooftop boxes.

The COP parks will be used for the first Canadian Open Snowboarding Championships Feb. 2-8 as part of the Burton Global Open Series, a further testament to the park's caliber.