[R313R, Paoli Peaks] says, borrowing a line from women's skiing guru Jeannie Thorn, that women ski different, because they are different. Women stand differently on a ski because of different weight distribution than men, according to Thorn. They have different needs and look at ski terrain differently than men do. Women who have been to women-only clinics say they come away with a lot more sense of what they need in equipment and how to ski, to turn, edge control, weight distribution, posture, etc. There really is a difference.

The Peaks is offering a Women's Ski Clinic the weekend of Jan. 24-25, with that in mind. The cost is $129 and includes a two-day lift ticket, two days of instruction, breakfast each morning, and a social on Saturday night. It also includes a private room with bag storage for you equipment at the day lodge. It will make a difference in just the way you look at a slope or trail and give your confidence a big boost.

The Peaks has special lodging packages set up with the magnificent, nearby French Lick Resort and Casino from $79 for a flat room rate midweek and $99 weekends. This is truly one of America's grand old hotels. Ask about the lodging package when you sign up for the clinic. You need to register by Jan. 20 for the event. Call Tonya or Kym at 812-723-4696 to sign up.