Winter officially arrives on Sunday, but no one seems to have mentioned that to winter! Snow for the Northeast, Midwest and Western regions this weekend with icing in store for some. RC 



The region continues to make out like a bandit with more snow stretching from northern Montana to the Sierra today. Another system comes in right behind this one bringing even more snow to Oregon, Washington and Northern California Saturday and Sunday. This weather pattern is set to stick around until at least mid week, but could stretch into Christmas day.



The Midwest continues to take a pounding as heavy overnight snow tapers off this morning for Wisconsin and Michigan. This break is short lived, as another nasty system comes in on Saturday and sticks around for the rest of the weekend. Look for temps to stay cool and keep an eye out for icing in the lower Midwestern states.



The system that dumped on the Midwest yesterday quickly moves into the region today bringing snow and ice with it. Look for the heaviest concentration (up to one foot) in southern New York state, Northern PA and Southern New England. South of the snow, rain and icing could present a problem for the lower parts of the region including Pittsburgh. As this system moves out, another one is waiting in the wings due to arrive on Sunday. Look for this system to bring heavy snow to the northern portions of New England.