[R304R, Okemo Mountain Resort] in Ludlow, Vt., has installed a school bus in the Nor'Easter Terrain Park that must be seen to be appreciated.

It started life as a school bus, then became a Sobe Super Bus on tour at various events to promote the product, then was donated by Pepsi to Okemo to become a terrain park feature.

"The bus is ultracool," said Okemo's Bonnie MacPherson. "We got it from Pepsi and sent it to this business in Londonderry, Vt., where they build rails and boxes for terrain parks. Now, 18 months later, it's ready to go and in place at the bottom of the Nor'Easter Trail, in the new Sobe Super Park."

"Well, somewhere along the way Pepsi began to phase out Sobe promotions and ramp up Amp promotions, so it became the Amp Bus.

"It's wrapped in graphics - Amp logos, Okemo logos, painted beautifully. They cut away one side of the bus and replaced it with a concave window of bulletproof plexiglass, so you can stand inside the bus and watch people coming at you. The hood is a box you can ride, and the bumper is a rail. The roof is curved, plexiglass, and people can ride the whole top or the edges," MacPherson said.

Ross Powers, Okemo's snowboarding ambassador, was to cut the ribbon, but a break-in at his Manchester store delayed his arrival, and local boarder Benji Farrow, 16, did the honors.

MacPherson said Okemo found a huge pair of wooden scissors for Benji to hold while riding downhill in the ribbon-cutting, and Benji was aghast.

"You're telling me you want me to snowboard with scissors? I don't think that's a very safe thing to do, Bonnie," he said.

MacPherson said the bus also has a "kick butt" built-in sound system.

Check it out.