Freestylers at South Dakota's [R459R, Terry Peak] started grinding rails in the Area '76 Terrain Park in December, and the resort has been adding features ever since. You can access the north-facing park from the Surprise Express and then head down Snow Storm.

The park is enclosed with fencing. One entry gate leads to the top, and another provides the exit at the bottom. Small, medium, and large features comprise the park, with a halfpipe, too. Snowmaking aids in the construction of larger features.

Smaller features for those just starting out include a 16-foot flat box, a rainbow rail, a small jump, and two rollers. Medium and large features include a C-box, a battleship, and several 24-foot rails of various shapes.

The resort hosts three different rail jams throughout the season. The nearby town of Lead resurrects its Winterfest for the first time in seven years the fourth weekend in January, and Terry Peak is taking part with its Rail Jam Competition. The four-hour event Jan. 24 gives enough time for jibbers to show their skills at grinding the rails.

A few rails and fun boxes move to Stewart Slope in front of the lodge for the Big Easy Rail Jam to celebrate the Deadwood Mardi Gras. The event, which takes place Feb. 20, is open to all skiers and riders ages six years old and up. The Area '76 Winter Rodeo and Rail Jam Feb. 28 not only gives prizes for the best dressed cowboy and cowgirl, but holds three different park events for the competition.

You can get updated status on the Area '76 park online. Call 605-584-2165 for more information on the events.