Action is back in the Northeast, more of the same for the West and a small break for the Midwest. RC



Bad weather is back with a vengance in the region today. Northern New York state and northern New England should see several inches of snow. As you move south, the snow turns to rain and sleet with icing possible for the central New England states. Look for highs in the mid teens to mid 20's.



The winter weather bounty continues today with the Cascades getting in on the action; one to two feet of snow is in store and lower elevations could see several inches. The system that gave the gift of snow to northern California sets its sights on the south bringing heavy snow to the mountains and dangerous rains for the burn areas of LA and San Diego. More snow in store for Northern Arizona and the Four Corners as well. Highs from the single digits in the northern Rockies to the mid 40's.



A small break for the region today, with snow and rain being limited to a few lake effect flakes for Michigan and rain showers for the Ohio Valley. The break is a short one as more action is due in the region on Thursday. Things stay VERY chilly with day time highs in negative territory for the Plains and parts on Minnesota to the mid 20's for the rest of the region.