One of the great things about the snow sports industry is that it keeps re-inventing itself every few years. Just when you think you've mastered everything there is in skiing, snowboarding, and backcountry skiing, somebody comes out with something new - like the dual edged snowboard.

Snowboarding was born during the 1960s and has gone through a number of evolutionary changes. Beginning with the "Snurf," snowboarding started out as a simple toy without bindings or sophisticated technology. Jake Burton exploded onto the scene when he introduced his own unique snowboard design that included fixed bindings, space-age materials, and radical sidecut designs in the 1970s. Since then, snowboarding has enjoyed phenomenal success. But during the past five years, snowboarding interest has begun to wane as new winter sports enthusiasts return to the action of skiing made popular by the X-Games.

Many snowboarders have returned to skiing for one simple reason: skis allow the rider to take advantage of more varied terrain and ride them with more control. For riders who are still reluctant to give up their snowboards, the new "Deuce" dual edge snowboard combines the best of both worlds by putting two shaped skis underneath a snowboard platform. You ride it like a snowboard but it performs like a pair of shaped skis.

The Deuce is the brainchild of Todd Belt from Sunnyvale, California. In 2003, Belt (previously a skier) was frustrated with the way many novice snowboarders scraped the best snow off of steep and deep runs by not using proper technique - largely because of equipment limitations. So, after noodling the possibilities of mounting two skis underneath a "snowboard platform," the Deuce dual edged snowboard was born.

The Deuce is currently available in one model - the X-2 Limited Edition. It's built with two shaped skis mounted to a binding called the "Bug." On the top surface of the Bug are two platforms that accommodate any standard snowboard binding that uses 4cm mounting holes, so there's no additional expense of buying new boots and bindings. The Deuce is available in 3 lengths: 150, 155, and 165cm, weighs in at 14 pounds, and is currently designed to carve a 14 meter radius turn.

Because of its unique design, you ride the Deuce like a snowboard but enjoy all of the benefits of two shaped skis. The skis flex and carve like short shaped skis and can accommodate a 47 degree inclination into the turn. Unlike a traditional snowboard that limits the rider to carving on one long edge, the Deuce lets the rider crank out quicker, more responsive turns on two sets of edges. The result is smoother, more controlled turns in all types of snow - groomed, powder, crud - even ice. Runs that typically challenge the best snowboarders (like bumps and tight glades) can be handled with ease on the Deuce.

"The Deuce invites the rider to experience a number of new dimensions in riding," says Belt. "Every day can feel like a powder day." Belt and his research team are looking into ways to integrate the Deuce into other sports like kiting and sit-skiing for adaptive athletes.

So, if you've reached a plateau and are looking for ways to enjoy skiing and boarding again, take a look at the Deuce dual edge snowboard. It could be exactly what you need to energize you day on the mountain.

Contact the manufacturer for more information about the Deuce Dual Edge snowboard at:

Deuce Snowboards, LLC
1137 Kassel Terrace
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-4510
(650) 520-4712