It's blue suede shoes and rhinestone time in the Tahoe region again.

For the past decade or so, [R283R, Mt. Rose], up there in the northwest corner of Big Blue, has paid tribute to Elvis Presley on the Saturday closest to his Jan. 8 birthday for the past decade or so. This this year they'll do it all over again Jan. 10 (for those who are counting, this would natal day No. 74 for The King).

The Mt. Rose staff, who in the spirit of good fun and a good goof, don their favorite Elvis wear, including signature sideburns, one-piece jumpsuits, and chrome shades, to re-enact The King's skiing, snowboarding, and karate skills.

There's a whole lotta "Thank ya, kindly" thrown in for good measure.

Elvis Day at Mt. Rose was created as both a spoof and a tribute to Presley and is meant to draw smiles from skiers and boarders of all ages. Elvis look-alikes will greet guests in the parking lot, issue lift tickets, fit skis, and even teach lessons, creating a virtual sea of Elvi.   

Oh, mama.

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe is the closest Lake Tahoe skiing to Reno. It's just 25 minutes from the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. It also is Tahoe's highest base resort.