More ugly for the Northeast today with the potential for damaging freezing rain, more rain for the South, more snow in the Upper Midwest and the dry spell continues in the West.



More rain in the forecast for southern New England and parts of Virginia, with some areas seeing heavy downpours. According to leading weather sources, areas in the region could be cold enough to see freezing rain, some of which could be damaging to roads and property. Look for snow in the mountains of West Virginia and northern New England. Highs range anywhere from the mid teens to the mid 50's.



More snow showers in store for the upper Midwest and rain for the Ohio Valley. Look for more storm action as we head into the weekend. Highs from the single digits to the mid 30's.



The "D" word stays in the forecast today for most of the region with the exception of a few flurries in Wyoming and Montana. The storm system that's been in the forecast for this coming weekend begins to show its teeth in parts of Orgeon today, with more to come as we head into the weekend.