Break time is over in the Northeast, the pounding continues in the Midwest and more action for Colorado and New Mexico. Keep an eye open in the West as well; a weekend storm appears to be in the works. RC


The weather saga continues for the region, which has been quite a bounty for ski areas. Snow continues for the Northern sections of the region with 6 to 10 inches possible for central Wisconsin and central Michigan. Look for a snow/sleet mix for the Southern parts of each state. Continued cool, with highs from the single digits to the mid 20's.



The action is back for the region with Northern Maine possibly receiving several inches of snow today that will most likely change to rain by evening. Snow/sleet and freezing rain is possible for a good portion of upstate New York. Highs mid 20's to the mid 40's



The mountains of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico should make out like bandits today, receving almost a foot of snow from the system moving through the region. This storm could also bring Denver and other cities through the region up to 4 inches. Continued dry for most of the West, but there's hope for some activity as the weekend approaches.