The [R612R, Haslital] in the Bernese Oberland is set to host a multitude of spectator events this winter, featuring dog-sled races, ski competitions, festivals, and parades.

The first event on the winter calendar is Bell Ringing Week Dec. 25 - 30. This is a very special week for the locals in the Haslital in which the bad spirits from the previous year are driven away by rhythmic bell ringing. This takes place on the last working day of the year, known as ‘Ubersitz.' All of the bell ringers from the outlying villages congregate in Meiringen and parade through the village with their drums and bells to drive out the evil spirits.

One of the most popular events of the region is the International Dog-Sled Races in Gadmen Feb. 21- 22, 2009. This legendary race with Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, samoyeds, and greenlanders, takes place at the foot of the Susten pass. Up to 100 teams will compete in Gadmen to take part in these 14-kilometre races through snow-covered mountain forests. Spectators will congregate at the finish line.

Skicross Week in Hasliberg takes place March 13-15. Four riders hurl themselves into the banked curves and jumps of the skicross course as the start gate opens. The two fastest racers qualify for the next round.

The Haslital and its events offer beautiful mountain scenery with 80 kilometres of well groomed pistes and 20 modern ski lifts.