[R2804R, Revelstoke Mountain Resort] gained a quick reputation for its big mountain and backcountry terrain served by lifts, snowcat and helicopter. But this summer, the resort put money in another direction—revamping the lower slopes of the ski area for families and beginners.

"We're not softening our image as the big bad Revelstoke," Revelstoke Outdoor Center Manager Dan Sculnick said. "But we can certainly now say that we have everything for the family."

Revelstoke has added new indoor and outdoor facilities to meet the needs of families.

"It’s a market that we've been lacking," Sculnick said. "From the mid lodge down, we've done lots of earthwork to make it better for families."

Sculnick contributed to the design of the new concave beginner area, which is located adjacent to the gondola. It's shape, he says, helps beginners initiate turning on skis or snowboards. Regrading modified the slope into three different pitches with the top canting at five degrees.

"It's just a couple of degrees up from flat," Sculnick said.

The slope shifts to 10 degrees and then 15 degrees for other pitches when beginners are ready for the next step. Revelstoke plans to outfit the new beginner area with foam blocks, race gates and cut-out characters for kid appeal.

Beginner Slope Revelstoke

Grading this summer in Revelstoke's base area contoured the slope adjacent to the gondola for beginners. Photo courtesy of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Access to the beginner area will be via a new 175-meter (580-foot) Magic Carpet®. The Magic Carpet® will also service the new three-lane tubing hill, which will be lit nightly until 8 p.m.

"The tubing hill has three pitches with kind of a whoop-de-doo slide," Sculnick said.

For families, the best part of these additions is the proximity to Nelson Lodge and the new Revelstoke Outdoor Center kids facility located in the lodge.

"The center is 47 steps from the new beginner area and tubing hill. It'll provide a place for little legs when they need a rest, and parents can drop off kids at 8:30 in the morning to get up on the hill," Sculnick said.

The new kids center, which is designed for ages six through 12, features two big screen televisions, arts and crafts, tumble mats, games, and a square play pit filled with foam cubes. Revelstoke has entertained adding an eight-foot-tall climbing wall as well as evening activities on a couple of nights to allow parents to go out on their own. The center includes lunch facilities for kids.

The resort is also adding a child care for tots and children, ages 18 months through six years old. Daytime and in-room evening services will be available as well.

Family evening activities are in the works too. The kids facility plans to offer weekly themed activity nights, movies, games and dinner-included options.

Tube Park Revelstoke

Summer regrading included the addition of the new tubing hill, which will have three lanes. Photo courtesy of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.