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Meteorologists are predicting La Niña conditions again this winter for North America. That means it's time to invest in a snow blower, a snorkel and a new pair of women's powder skis. You're in luck because hardware stores are beginning to restock snow blowers, snorkel prices are dropping and new technology has made women's powder skis better than even. If you want to hit the slopes with your girl La Niña this winter, check out the four sticks below. Each pair was tested by female pros, patrollers, instructors and ski journalists during the OTS ski tests in [R507R, Winter Park], Colorado and [R403R, Snowbasin], Utah last season. Here's your guide to the best women's powder boards:

#1 Dynastar Legend Paradise

When you think of a legendary paradise, places like Fiji, Phuket and the Seychelles come to mind. But for skiers, the location isn't as important—paradise usually consists of a steep pitch and a ton of powder. To tackle that powder, Dynastar made the Legend Paradise with tip and tail rocker, a 3D wood core and their Exclusive Balance System. This is an easy-turning ski that will bring smiles to the faces of intermediates and experts alike—well, that and the powder they're skiing. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».


#2 Goode Affinity

Do you have an affinity for soft snow? Does soft snow have an affinity for you? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions then Goode built the Affinity for you. It's a lightweight, soft flexing powder board that features tip rocker, a wood core and Goode's carbon torsion box construction. It floats atop the pow, turns with ease and even likes to be put on edge in harder snow. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».



#3 Elan Bliss

Bliss might be a good book by the ocean on a tropical island. Bliss might be a store where you buy your moisturizer. Bliss is definitely a few feet of snow under your feet while riding Elan's new women's powder skis. While Elan made the Bliss with tip and tail rocker and their Slanted Sidewall Technology to tackle the soft stuff, this ski also holds its own in other conditions. The edge grip and 102 mm waist makes it versatile enough to carve the hardpack or even hit the park. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».


#4 Salomon Geisha

Perhaps Salomon named this ski the Geisha because they hope you'll end up with powder on your face like a Geisha. Maybe they gave it that name because these sticks dance atop the snow like a Geisha. We don't know how Salomon came to that name but we do know that this ski kills it on soft snow thanks to the lightweight bamboo they added to the full wood core. The Geisha is equally comfortable on groomers and in the trees as it is in pow thanks to Salomon's Edgy Monocoque construction. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».