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The White Room: every skier's happy place. It's a place where you float atop white clouds, where a face full of snow is a good thing and where the only sound you might hear is the occasional joyful giggle from your skiing partner. The promise of skiing powder is the reason we all ski. While skiers have been passionate about powder for decades, it's only recently that ski manufacturers have been building boards specifically made for the fluffy stuff. The four skis below were made for the White Room. Each pair was tested by pros, patrollers, instructors and ski journalists during the OTS ski tests in [R507R, Winter Park], Colorado and [R403R, Snowbasin], Utah last season. Find your pow skis here:

#1 Rossignol Super 7

Rossignol beefed up their popular S7 with more length and a stiffer flex to make the Super 7. Agressive skiers will love the two layers of titanium added to the wood core, vertical sidewalls and PowderTurn Rocker. Steer these things like you're behind the wheel of a '64 Caddy and enjoy the ride. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».


#2 Salomon Rocker 2

Rock out with your ski tips out. Salomon engineered the Rocker 2 to surf the heavy snow yet still hold an edge like an All Mountain ski despite the 122 mm waist. They added nomex to the full wood core to increase durability without adding excess weight. Rockered tips make this ski especially playful in pow. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».


#3 Black Diamond AMPerage

Black Diamond classifies the AMPerage as an All Mountain ski despite the 115 mm of ski underfoot. Maybe that's because this ski is versatile enough to carve groomers in the morning and then tear up the backside after ski patrol opens the gates. The AMPerage has rocker in the tip and tail, a wood core and cap construction that keeps it light as a feather. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»


#4 Armada JJ

The JJ is the signature powder ski in the Armada line and is a full beast. With 136 mm underfoot, this ski plows through pow, crud and anything else that stands in its way. They gave it their patented EST Freeride Rocker and a super lightweight wood stringer core. If it ain't broke... don't fix it. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».